meet the team!

Our team of dedicated branding professionals are passionate and driven to support big and bold brand projects from start to finish.

We’re highly capable across a very broad range of brand operations.
From strategy, to creative, to production, to installation, our team are here to support your brand, and your business with everything it needs to thrive.

 We’re a team of friendly, approachable, welcoming and understanding humans doing good things, with good people.

meet lachy!

Lachy started Burst in 2009 when his passion for creativity and business converged. Lachy leads our “Brand Activations Team” with a burning passion for empowering brands to create real impact. Lachy’s strength is getting projects off the ground through consultation, idea creation, concept design, planning, resourcing and project management. Lachy gets a kick from seeing creative and purposeful ideas come to life, right through to the making and implementing stage. He also loves bold colour, loud music, strong coffee and a good challenge! There’s simply no questioning that Lachy was made for this industry, and this industry was made for Lachy!

meet sam!

Sam has been with Burst since 2018. Since then, Sam has had a significant impact on shaping what Burst is today. Sam is a self-confessed brand nerd! His education in Business & Management, plus strong passion for strategy, purpose and collaboration makes Sam the perfect leader of Burst’s Brand Agency. Sam could talk the leg off a chair! “To be fair” Sam adds a huge amount of value to every person, business, or brand that he interacts with. Sam is ambitious, Sam is driven, Sam thinks outside the box, and Sam is dedicated to creating better brands, better business, better culture and a better community. Sam’s core philosophy is that “Positivity always wins” which is a philosophy that is absolutely infectious amongst our team, and our clients.


meet craig!

Craig is our “Jack of all trades, Master of all trades” which qualifies him to manage our custom branded projects from fabrication to activation! Whenever a wacky idea is handed to Craig, he rises to the challenge! Craig uses his diverse skills and years of experience to solve the puzzle! Craig is a natural mentor within our team. He’s demonstrates true passion for our industry, care for the people he works with, and respect for the brands that engage us. Craig is an absolute GEM to work with, brightening up everyone’s day with a good chat, and maybe even a little banter! Craig is a major contributor to the great culture that we value so highly here at Burst. Our days simply wouldn’t be the same without him.

meet Owen!

Owen manages Burst’s automotive branding and print projects. His positive mindset and friendly nature add huge value to our workplace culture and client relationships. Owen is a qualified designer with 10 years of experience in the signage industry. His experience and diverse range of capability results in high-quality and accurate project completion. Owen has worked with Burst for most of his professional career. He’s had a significant impact on shaping what Burst is today and consistently embodies our values.


meet mark!

Mark has a very diverse range of knowledge and experience across our Brand Activation op’s! Whether it’s artwork setup, print, fabrication, installation or wrapping, Marks done it! Mark values working with a team of passionate, like-minded, creative and motivated people who he can share his knowledge with. Very recently engaged (congrats!) Mark and his fiancé enjoy renovating their house, trips away camping, and hitting the surf beaches. We’re stoked to work alongside Mark as part of our Brand Activations team for 2023 and beyond!


meet Brittney!

Britt is Burst’s superstar in customer service, experience, culture, admin, accounts, and everything else that gets thrown her way! Her calm and composed attitude keeps everything and everyone moving here at Burst. Her warm and welcoming nature brings a smile to our clients and teams face every day, which never goes unnoticed or unappreciated. Britt utilises her creative passions to truly understand our industry and deliver exceptional service to everyone she interacts with, often being the guiding and helpful hand to clients as they work with us. A lover of dogs, renovating, photography, and gaming, she fits in perfectly here with the team, always having something to chat with you about, livening up your day. Her incredible organisation and problem solving skills means she is constantly on the lookout for the next thing to make Better here at Burst, something which really helps to make it the place it is.

meet luke!

Luke works within our fabrication and fit out team. He’s a highly skilled tradesman with a can-do attitude. Luke is actually a qualified electrician. He joined Burst to combine his electrical skills with his interest in more creative outputs. Luke loves the challenge of transforming our creative concepts from an idea, into a physical activation that can be experienced and enjoyed. Luke is heavily involved in workshopping the most efficient and accurate fabrication methods. He then works through the process of making and installing our creations within their new spaces! Luke’s a pleasure to work with, always bringing his best-self into the workplace. He’s a hard worker, but enjoys a bit of banter on the side! Luke is a big competitor in Burst’s lunch time dartboard sessions, sometimes making more senior team members a bit nervous!

meet Corey!

Corey started with us at the age of 17, riding his bike to Burst for work experience every Wednesday. Apparently he liked it! 5 years down the track, Corey has successfully completed his signage apprenticeship through Burst, and works within our Brand Activations team. Corey’s main areas of interest are vinyl wrapping, signage production & installation. This year Corey will be levelling up, learning more about workflow & time management. Corey is a team player & a pleasure to work with. He’s dedicated to improving his skills and furthering his experience in our industry. Corey is motivated by a good challenge, and enjoys a top-notch whiskey to reward a successful week of work. Corey is reliable, loyal, trustworthy, committed, and… just an all-round good guy to work with! He takes darts, and table tennis very seriously, and would like to think he could beat anybody at Burst… we’ll see!


meet sammie!

Sammie works within our Brand Agency team as our go-to Graphic Designer.
She has a passion for working with businesses to grow their brand and empower their objectives. Sammie has a strategic mind, a creative vision, a technical distinction, and a strength in workshopping projects with clients, and with our team. A lover of exercise, Sammie regularly hits up the swimming pool, or cycles along Beach Road. She enjoys discovering new and exciting venues, with top notch food and ‘atmosphere’. Sammie often hits the road for weekend trips away with friends to wind-down in remote places. She loves a good ol’ Elvis playlist, or some country tunes… (opinions amongst the team are divided!)


meet Maurice!

Maurice joined Burst as a signage apprentice! You’ll find him helping our team in all areas of the business including automotive, production, fabrication & onsite projects. Maurice is always eager to learn and has been such a valuable addition to the Burst team! Outside of work, Maurice spends his time streaming video games on Twitch, enjoying some basketball, eating delicious food, and being a good dad to his cat, Winston!


meet Reece!

The mastermind behind a lot of Burst’s social media content, Reece has a gift for formulating fun and engaging ideas to share with the world! Reece is often the face behind the camera… and has no issue with sticking the camera in other people’s faces! Aside from his skill set, Reece contributes a great sense of humour, often pranking people in the office with harmless (but hilarious) antics. He also has an adorable Golden Retriever (Morgan) who we’re lucky enough to see at Burst HQ from time to time!


meet lisa!

Lisa (Burst-Mum, or Plant-Mum) has been a supporter of Burst since it was started… in her garage! Lisa jumps in to support Burst in any way she can, whenever she can. She’s been involved in most of our factory relocations and setups over the past 10 years, always committed to the vision! If you’ve visited our factory in Seaford, you know how many plants we have! It would take a long time to count them all, but we estimate easily over 100. Our plant-happiness stats are very high – and that can be completely attributed to our plant-mum (Lisa!) Lisa is a big part of what makes Burst feel like a family. She’s caring, thoughtful and takes the time to listen. Plus, the treats she brings in for the team every Wednesday… How could we not love her?

meet sarah!

First things first; Sarah spoils our team by baking THE BEST birthday cakes! Sarah is responsible for lots of the administrative tasks that Burst requires to function. Sarah is an all-rounder; willing and able to help out wherever she can. From managing enquiry, to organising our accounts, Sarah has it sorted! Sarah adds a bright sparkle to everyone’s day, always making the time to catch up with the team and have a good laugh! Soon to be mother of two, studying and supporting Burst, Sarah’s very busy! But she still finds the time to be a lovely human ❤️