concept creation

Creating concepts that balance creativity, feasibility, and budget! 

Creative ideas to achieve your objectives 

Unlike traditional suppliers, we create 99% of the projects that we produce and install. Our creative team takes the time to understand your brief and your brand. We design with purpose and intention. With a strong culture of collaboration between design, production and fabrication, our brand consultants make recommendations that balance creativity, feasibility and budget. 

At Burst, we have a can-do approach. We know that sometimes boundaries need to be pushed for a concept to be impactful… and we LOVE boundary pushing projects! 

We’re highly knowledgeable across many facets of design ultimately delivering exceptional and highly customised brand experiences. Our brand activation capabilities include custom lighting, fabrication, construction, automotive, print and more. 

concept creation FAQs

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There’s lots of other words for it, graphic design, creative, artwork setup etc. Concept creation is the best fit for Burst. Not only do we have the ability to setup your designs, we have the creative ideas to take your project to the next level. Concept creation is understanding the project, formulating ideas and opportunities, and the creative communication of the project. 

Depending on the level of support required, we do bill for our concept creation work. Our senior team of designers are a wealth of creativity and ideas! In most cases, the creative direction is the most valuable aspect which sets the rest of the project up for success and effectiveness. 

The answer is, many! Our creative team are super agile and adaptable. We’re worked on brand activation projects across a very diverse range of areas. Our primary focus I BRAND. We also offer experiential design, design strategy and automotive design.  

Every project that we undertake is unique and require varying levels of creative input. Once we get to know your project, we provide clients with custom support packages tailored to their needs.