Brand Consultation

All we need is an idea!

Much, MUCH more than a signage company!

We’re here to take your idea from zero to one-hundred. We’ve supported our clients with brand strategy and consultations services across a very broad range of projects. We’re well practised in workshopping ideas and creating from scratch. Intentional design and purpose is very important to us. By getting involved in brand projects early, we can add an enormous amount of value to the process, and the end result.

Whether you’re starting a new business, rebranding, or creating a space for a particular purpose, we’ll set you up with a brand consultant (or a team) that best fits your objectives. Collaboration is very important to us, and it’s something that comes naturally to us. If you need brand support or want to take your project to the next level, it may be time to get Burst involved!

The added value of engaging our brand consultants, is that we can see your project right through to execution. There’s really no ceiling!

brand consultation FAQs

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We consult on a very wide range of brand related projects. In fact, we specialise in customisation which means we’re comfortable with the “unknown”. If you have a weird and wacky idea, a vision, or no idea where to start, our consultation services may add immense value

Depending on the level of support required, we do bill for most consultation. Our senior team of brand consultants are a wealth of knowledge and ideas! In most cases, the creative direction and intention of a project is the most valuable aspect which sets the rest of the project up for success and effectiveness. 

Every project is different, and we love that! Our brand consultants are highly agile and adaptable. We take the time to understand your intention, vision, or objective. We’ll then make recommendations that are tailored to your project. 

Put simply, there’s nobody quite like us! We offer an extremely diverse range of brand support – and all under one roof! Our team is made up of branding professionals across strategy, creative, project management, fabrication, production and installation. We work collaboratively to suggest brand opportunities that are well considered through every lens.