small fleet branding

Perfect for fleets of 3-5 vehicles

Let’s create a consistent image across your fleet

If you have a fleet of vehicles, you could be capitalising on a huge amount of brand exposure! Our automotive branding team are well practised at creating fleet concepts deliver brand consistency across a range of vehicle shapes, sizes and colours.

We have over 10 years of experience in designing, producing and installing small fleet rollouts. We’ve worked with brands across a wide range of industries to design creative, and purposeful concepts that engage your audience, and compliment your brands strategy.

We have a large, purpose-built installation space in Seaford, and a subsidiary installation space in Moridalloc. We have a team of people working specifically in automotive branding so that we can get your fleet of vehicles back on the road faster!

Whether you have an existing vehicle branding concept, or you need support from our creative team, we’re dedicated to keeping the process smooth and simple, so that you can maintain focus on your area of expertise! Our production team use high quality printing equipment and automotive wrapping films that deliver a wow-factor, and stand the test of time. Our team of automotive installers are capable to delivering high-impact wraps, in an efficient timeframe.

small fleet FAQs

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Whilst we design 99% of the wraps that we install, we’re happy for you to bring your own concept. Just remember that automotive wrap design is a niche, and there’s a significant amount of specialized factors to be considered. Supplied concepts will need to be supplied in vector format, with fonts outlined, images embedded and presented on the relevant vehicle template.

Yes, we can… in fact we prefer to! Our design team have collectively created thousands of custom vehicle wrap concepts. We will take the time to understand your brand so that we can create an intentional, purposeful and impactful concept that knocks your socks off!